Alumni News: Uganda Packing Night

The 2014 Uganda Packing Night is being held on Thursday 31 July! That’s right, if you haven’t got it on email, this is an invitation for all Uganda Alumni to shamelessly borrow your arms and legs to help the… Read More

Q&A w/ Loewn Steel

Gen boomer, x, y, z…er..osity We can wax lyrical about the work we do but there’s nothing quite like hearing a story from someone to understand the WHY. That’s why we’ve created the ‘Experience Q&A’ section where we… Read More

News: A day to commemorate, UACO hospital theatre opens it’s doors

By following her heart, South Australian Judy Steel was inspired to help some of the poorest people on earth in Uganda. In 2010 we met Judy and began working with her and the UACO team to support the… Read More