Day 2: Kkoba Community School Project

We started the day by meeting our driver Remmy at the hotel for breakfast, then collected Tony and Leslie who were to be our guides for the first part of the trip. Tony grew up in Kkoba village, runs Hopeline and set up the women’s center that we will Visit tomorrow. Leslie moved to Uganda from Canada in 2004 and runs Real Uganda. Tony and Leslie took us to the new school being built in Kkoba village. The school is…

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Day 1: First Impressions

During this coming week the team are visiting two of the Kain Foundation’s projects in Uganda: the Kkoba project and the Junior Landcare Project. We left Adelaide on Saturday, 11 August and arrived in Entebbe, Uganda Sunday 12 August. On the flight from Dubai to Entebbe I sat next to a young Ugandan woman who had been working in Dubai for three years and was returning home to her family. She helped me learn some Lugandan words, such as water…

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The Journey Begins

Well the 2018 Kain Foundation Uganda Trip Crew are ready. We have Killer the Kain Foundation’s Chairman, Ooch and Zag from Kain Lawyers, Brucey an individual joining the crew this year and Robbo the trusty Tour Leader. There has been a few weeks of build up getting to know each other, having our brief on the itinerary and what to expect, getting all of our vaccinations and it all comes down to today – the day we leave. We are…

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The power of music: How young adults thrive with music

We all know that there is magic in music. Music soothes and heals and changes our moods. Music is also the soundtrack for adolescents and young adults. You often find them engrossed in music, headphones stuck on their ears, utterly oblivious to the world. For them, music is the way they express themselves, build their identity and connect with peers. It is their language. It turns out there is a connection between music and the development of their brain. Music…

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What happens to kids when they are frequently absent from school

One of the most important things you can do to ensure the future of your children is to make sure your children attend school. Kids normally miss school occasionally but when it becomes a pattern, it affects their learning. Chronic absenteeism occurs when children are absent from school for more than 15-18 days in a year or 10 percent of the time. It is detrimental at any age. When young children are absent from school – even for two days a month-…

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Unite in Uganda: Kain Foundation Leadership Experience

Uganda is a beautiful country, known as the pearl of Africa. There are many stories that come out of Uganda — of heartbreak, of poverty and of conflict.  And then there are stories of joy and empowerment, of laughter and success, of stability and prosperity— stories that make you smile and your soul expand with pride and gratitude. You can be part of these joyous stories as the Kain Foundation sets off on our next annual immersion trip to Uganda on…

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The push to stop kids from skipping school before it affects studies and job prospects

Researchers from our community partner, The Smith Family, have tracked the progress of 30,000 disadvantaged students over seven years in the first study of its kind.  It found those who were regularly absent from school in Year 7 had a less than 50 per cent chance of finishing Year 12. And Year 9 students who often skip school have only a 35 per cent chance of completing their studies. The study also confirmed that low attendance also affects future prospects, with only two-thirds…

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2017 Annual Report: One Million Reasons to Celebrate Youth Education and Employment Opportunities

We’re happy to announce the publication of our FY17 Annual Report titled “One Million Reasons to Celebrate Youth Education and Employment Opportunities“. The title of the report acknowledges a milestone we crossed at the end of FY17, one million dollars in lifetime funds raised for projects that enrich children and communication by investing in education and employment opportunities.  Andrew Killey reflects on the significance of this milestone and what’s next for Kain Foundation in his Chairman’s Report on page 5. …

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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018 #PressforProgress

Today in recognition and celebration of International Women’s Day we share this story about an inspiring group of women from the village of Mayindo, Uganda.  Those who have been on our last two Uganda immersion trips will fondly remember dancing and cooking with these women.  Their story and many more from our Kain Foundation community are featured in the FY17 Annual Report that we’ll publish next week. Back in 2007, Tony Wanyoike of Hopeline Organization brought together a group of…

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