Corporate Partners

Making contributions count for the generous business

For the last fourteen years we have built a motivated network of Australian businesses committed to communities in need. Over this period we have had 9 Corporate Partners across financial, advertising, Arts and wine industries. With their support, we have raised more than one million dollars for our projects, provided over 4,000 hours of support and annually engage more than 50 business employees in hands-on volunteering opportunities. Our Corporate Partners are our backbone.

Our Corporate Partner funding model is trialled and tested and promotes a collaborative and sustainable option for business philanthropy – one that engages and rewards employees at the same time.

Our Corporate Partner


Jane Gun: Partner, Halpin Financial Services

The Partners at Halpin Financial Services wanted to contribute to communities in a meaningful way that involved the whole team. We’ve sent a team member to Uganda for the last three years and each has experienced a deep personal achievement in helping others. Our fundraising activities have had the added benefit of bringing our team closer together through having fun achieving shared goals. We recommend this experience to other businesses.


Sarah Chia: Director, Kain Lawyers

For any business that wants to increase their team’s engagement through developing a culture of ‘giving back’ and increasing connections with their communities, we strongly recommend joining the Kain Foundation’s corporate partner network.



Partner With Us

Take the leap, go beyond signing the cheque. We invite you to be a part of something ambitious – businesses collaborating to make more deliberate change. Support children and youth and engage your employees by taking part in our suite of existing projects.

We manage the administration, partnerships and coordination and you contribute alongside other industries to make a greater and more meaningful impact to the lives of children and youth. Fill out the form below or contact us for opportunities.


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