Kain Foundation Uganda Trip 2019 – Day 13

Our final day was spent in Kkoba, where we have worked with The Real Uganda and Hopeline Organisation to run family workshops (to reduce domestic violence, alcohol abuse and other anti-social practices), promote economic development (through ag trading enterprises) and build a new school using the proceeds of that economic activity. The material fruits of this project are evident when comparing the infrastructure of the existing schools with that of the new school which has been built and is expected…

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Kain Foundation Uganda Trip 2019 – Day 12

The day started at 7:00am for breakfast where we had cold potatoes and sausages. Jack and I couldn’t have been happier with a “I really enjoy this coffee” from Jack and I felt the tea with a splash of milk and sugar was too good to be true. We then set off with everyone feeling a little sleepy from the trip in general. I must admit I felt pretty exhausted and was not overly excited for the day ahead, which…

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Kain Foundation Uganda Trip 2019 – Day 6

Friday was a more academic day for the team, with the morning spent meeting with representatives from the Uganda Landcare Network (‘ULN’) and the afternoon with the Board and Executive of Lwengo Development SACCO Ltd. (SACCO is the Ugandan acronym for a regulated ‘Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation’ – a bit like our credit unions). When we began our work in Uganda 10 years ago, our focus was, as it is now, on helping to create educational and economic opportunities…

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Kain Foundation Uganda Trip 2019 – Day 5

I have been enjoying the hotels’ buffet breakfasts so far and today was no exception.  Along with some traditional Ugandan dishes, this time I noticed a plate of sausage rolls.  Unexpected but I wasn’t going to pass them over. After breakfast, we were to be in the van by 9am to visit 2 schools; Kagganda Primary School and Kaboyo Primary School. At the first school, we were greeted by a crowd of students at the gate and traditional dancing to…

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Kain Foundation Uganda Trip 2019 – Day 4

The day commenced with an uninvited 6am wake up call from Jonty basically ordering me to get out of bed and join himself and Barnaby for a run. Once the run was finished Barnaby and Jonty joined Trish by the pool for some planking challenges, which by the looks of it had Jonty shaking terribly throughout the entire challenge. We were told to meet down in the carpark by 9am, similarly to that of the other mornings. So the team…

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Kain Foundation Uganda Trip 2019 – Day 3

Big day today with an all day visit to a brand new Landcare school, St Maria Gorreth Mpugwe Primary School.  Got off to a slow start with a stop at a motorcycle repair shop to pump up 2 footballs balls and a soccer ball as the pumps from Oz failed.  We had barely finished ‘Islands in the Stream’ when we arrived at the school.  We were each given a bunch of flowers, serenaded with the ‘Welcome Song’ and Jonty was…

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Kain Foundation Uganda Trip 2019 – Day 2

Awake 530 sharp as the call to prayer rang out somewhere near by.  Uganda is 84 percent Christian and Islam a minority at 14 percent.  Loaded up our van which is accurately emblazoned “tourist van” on all sides.  Weaved our way to subbi and the watoto project.  Tour of the nursery which can cater for 100 from newborn until toddler stage.  Only had 64 at present as they sometimes have to take 20 babies if another centre is shut down. …

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Kain Foundation Uganda Trip 2019 – Day 1

Goodbye Adelaide winter, Hello Ugandan warm weather! Ably led by our team Leader John ‘Jonty’ Kain our team of Michael Hart, Zach Hart, Jack ‘Jackal’ Kain, Patricia ‘Trish’ Weyland, Barnaby ‘Barnyard’ Pyne and myself, Megan ‘Bernie’ Sanders, left Adelaide on Saturday 13 July and arrived in Entebbe (some 24 hours of travelling) later at 1.30pm on Sunday 14th July. I had been warned about Ugandan time and that nothing happens in a hurry. I have to admit it still surprised me that…

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Kain Foundation Uganda 2018 Trip – Reflection #3 – From Andrew & Danyelle

The Final blog and Reflection comes from Andrew, the Kain Foundation’s Chairman and Danyelle, the Kain Foundation Uganda Trip 2018 Tour Leader: A Reflection from Andrew: Not a hand out, rather a way out. My first visit to Uganda as Chair of the Kain Foundation proved what we are doing with our corporate and local partners is valuable and is having long term benefits for terrific people. We have partnered with Tony Wanyoike of the Hopeline Organization and Leslie Weighill from…

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Kain Foundation Uganda 2018 Trip – Reflection #2 – From Sara & Grace

A reflection from Grace: It was wonderful to see the Ugandans so enthusiastic about helping themselves and their country, not just the future generation but teaching the children skills to take home to their families. The squeals of absolute delight from the children as we blew bubbles and peals of laughter as we tried (and failed) to mimic their dance moves taught me that you don’t need much to be happy. I’m very grateful to Remmy for seeing us safely…

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