Grace having fun with the kids

A reflection from Grace:

It was wonderful to see the Ugandans so enthusiastic about helping themselves and their country, not just the future generation but teaching the children skills to take home to their families. The squeals of absolute delight from the children as we blew bubbles and peals of laughter as we tried (and failed) to mimic their dance moves taught me that you don’t need much to be happy.

I’m very grateful to Remmy for seeing us safely through the mental Ugandan traffic, keeping us laughing from sun up to sundown, imparting his wisdom and most importantly showing us his wicked dance moves.

It may not feel like you’re making much of an impact from Australia but seeing first hand what it meant to the people we visited was truly overwhelming and very humbling.

Sara & Grace hanging out with the kids.

Finally, I’m amazed at what people manage to balance on a boda boda – we’ve seen armchairs, coffins, fruit amongst other

things and more people than is safe to fit on one motorbike.



A reflection from Sara:

During this past week i have had the opportunity to meet with leaders from Landcare, Hopeline, Masaka schools and Mayindo Women’s Group. Each have shown leadership in different ways but all of them are focused with equipping the youth of Uganda with skills that enable them to take control of their future – even if forced to drop out of school. Much like Australia, having a university degree is expensive and does not necessarily guarantee a job. However having a skill such as hairdressing or farming enables young people to start their own business or work for someone else if they choose. It was evident at each location we visited the leaders focused on ensuring they have support from the local community, government, parents and other non-government organisations so it is a partnership. I have learned so much from the Ugandan people. Each and every person has been extremely welcoming and hospitable. I am certainly going to miss Uganda.

Sara having a dance lesson from a local (not that she needed it).