We want to say thank you to all of those who got behind the 2014 Uganda Project and donated their time, money, goods and encouragement. With your support we distributed over 200kgs worth of clothes, school materials and hygiene kits to children in need, donated a term’s worth of porridge to 360 children in a rural village who frequently go without food, donated 12 desks to a school with minimal resources to enable 36 children a seat to learn and built a dormitory for teachers in the rural town of Gulu to support education for orphans.

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The true measure of your generosity was in the thousands of smiles, hand shakes & expression of gratitude we received from children and people in Uganda & we thank YOU for letting us receive them on your behalf.A very big, heartfelt thank you from the Kain C+C Charitable Foundation and the Uganda Project team.

In case you missed it, Day 10 of our travel blog, Final Reflections written by our Founder John Kain is well worth a read. It provides some insight into the long term impacts of our work in Uganda and those

Thank you for your invaluable and continued support.