10 things I learned from the women and children of the Mayindo Women’s Group and our Driver Remmy.
  1. When people take the time to sing and dance, give you flowers and hug you as you arrive, you feel welcome.
  2. When the same people, only hours later, sing and dance and hug you as you are leaving it’s harder to leave.
  3. The women of Mayindo are smart, brave, enterprising – my garden doesn’t grow oranges, coffee, avocado, bananas, chickens and pigs.
  4. The women of Mayindo and their safe, bountiful home is the inspiration of Tony of Hope Line and is supported by the Kain Foundation. Arguably Tony is the best Managing Director I have ever seen in action. Big plans, calm manner and vision for not just good outcomes but important ones.
  5. Equally the Women of Mayindo are the most inspired, happy work, force I’ve seen in action. Self starters and problem solvers. And they invited us into their home and we shared delicious simple food.
  6. The children of the Mayindo Women’s Group are loving, inquisitive and will sit with an older grey-haired person (moi) and just share their time with you.
  7. Then the pay off – they want to play with your old grey hair . I nearly fell asleep.
  8. By Australian standards some might say it makes you appreciate what you have. Equally and powerfully it reminds you of what you don’t have or may have lost. We at the Kain Foundation may have helped these women but I know they helped me.
  9. When leaving we sat around with the the women and their children who said many kind words of thanks, including one powerful request, “never forget us”. As if.
  10. Our driver is Remmy who works for Adventure Expeditions. Anyone who drives in Uganda has to be mad or brave. He ferries us through the the crazy traffic and the kamikaze Boda Boda (motor bikes). Yesterday he danced at the welcoming. Remmy, the Boda Boda don’t scare me half as much as ‘watchin’ you gettin’ down’.

Webale, Andrew Killey (aka Killer)

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Killer making friends with the local ladies.

Filling the water barrel up with all of our collected water

Brucey getting a cooking lesson from the locals

Lots of helpers on the way to the natural spring

Coming back from the natural spring, all loaded up with water, Ooch had some extra helpers.