Today we had an 8 hour journey from Kampala to Gulu. We’d like to say a lot happened on the journey but unfortunately, we’d be stretching the truth. Then again, when you start to look around you and drink in the sights, the smells, the sounds, the visceral overload.. you find there is so much to take in. Here’s just a few casual observations….

  • It’s not uncommon to see two men and a goat on a scooter
  • Outside Kampala there is space and lots of it
  • All kids love stickers
  • Uganda is a patriotic country
  •  You don’t need a dance floor to dance with bells
  • We are the world is Jonty and T-Hen’s favourite tune
  • A honk from behind means its safe to pass
  • There’s always a shopping op for T-Hen
  • Hut villages are many and plenty
  • No open windows at Baboon stops
  • De Nile is not just a river in Egypt
  • Although the demand is massive for pork, we’re unsure of the ‘#porkjoint’ opening hours

Well, that’s all from us today. Catch you on our first building day.

Until tomorrow….