Well the 2018 Kain Foundation Uganda Trip Crew are ready.

We have Killer the Kain Foundation’s Chairman, Ooch and Zag from Kain Lawyers, Brucey an individual joining the crew this year and Robbo the trusty Tour Leader.

There has been a few weeks of build up getting to know each other, having our brief on the itinerary and what to expect, getting all of our vaccinations and it all comes down to today – the day we leave.

We are all packed and ready to start heading to the airport.

The team are experiencing such an array of emotions from excited and inspired, to curious and adventurous, to thankful, privileged and honoured with a few splashes of nervousness, disorganisation and a sore knee to add to the mix.

Over the next week you will get to hear from each member of the team and their individual experiences along the way.

As we leave Adelaide airport tonight we are all thrilled to be embarking on this special journey together and just as excited to be sharing it with you along the way.

See you in Uganda………..