This week, an intimate gathering of our Corporate Partners and Alumni came together for a night to celebrate 10 years of the Kain Foundation! Over ten years we’ve been able to build housing for orphans, support youth in career mentoring, provide legal services to the homeless and assist low income families to have a home but not without the steadfast support of our dedicated business and community partners.

The evening included an introduction of the Foundation’s new strategy ‘ to provide opportunities for children and youth through the collaboration of Australian businesses’ and an insight into the future of the Uganda Project, working with the use of land to provide economic opportunity for communities. Chair of the Board, Andrew Killey, emphasised the ‘2 Way Opportunity’; for children and youth in need and for business individuals to experience projects. The night involved John Kain’s reflection on the last ten years and a Corporate Partner’s insight into the real side of making a difference. 

Thank you to all of our partners!