Much to our dismay…today was our final building day. We arrived on site armed with our man and lady trowels and regular coating of 30+. During the night scaffolding of shapes and sizes had been raised to allow us to polish off a few final high rows before lunchtime. We began the morning with our routine boot camp brick throwing exercise. A combination of core twists, bicep curls and brick burpies. This unfortunately resulted in the first minor injury on site, a clay brick to the leg for Rosco by she who will not be named. Note to 2015 team, do not toss bricks and talk to others simultaneously. The morning flew by with each of us achieving our goal of building to the point of the trusses alongside our Watoto building companions whose quality control is of an exceptional standard. All team members can now complete a row of mortar, bricks and filler in around 30 minutes with minimal fixes. This is of course a measure of improvement rather than skill.

At lunchtime we were called into the ‘lounge room’ for a house dedication and to survey what we have achieved in the few days we were on site. When we began on the teacher’s home, there was one wall and half a foundation. Now, the building has three sturdy external walls, 25 rows high and interior rooms. Ball park estimate of about 2,000 bricks laid with our own hands. We can’t deny there’s a sense of internal pride with every brick laid but as you learn over time in Uganda, success is not measured by numbers it is measured quite simply by the relationships and community you build with those around you. Speeches were made by all parties, a prayer of thanks was shared and a hand shake chain sealed the deal. A festive carb loading lunch of donuts, chapatti and loaves of bread put us in good (or not so good?) stead for the second round of the Kain Cup. Kookaburras vs.Villagers. We stepped it up to two fifteen minute halves and a full field with 10-13 a side. Spectators came out in full force despite the 30 degree day. The Kookaburras performed as usual like a well oiled machine, poaching the best players from the outset and using the Myzungu defence line to ward off any strikers. Nil all at half time when Rosco was red vested for a 7ft tall stallion. The first Kookaburra goal was brilliantly executed by man of the match Remmy, who tapped it in from the centre and let fly with an admirable arm flapping Kookaburra laugh. All joined in for the victory flight down the field much to the amusement of spectators. Kookaburras were up 1 to 0. The villagers struck back at three quarter time and the score was equal thanks to Nobs’ well executed air kick and T-Hen’s flying judo strike..only just missed. At full time, the Kookaburras convincingly won 3 to 2, thereby achieving an unblemished record heaping enormous pressure on the 2015 team to maintain the spectacular international track record.

In the afternoon Jonty and Perce stopped by Watoto’s Living Hope project. The Living Hope project was an impressive facility that takes in vulnerable women (mostly those who were affected by the conflict of the LRA) and educates them through various business enterprises and skills training such as tailoring, peanut butter and honey production, adult literacy and small business skills. A critical element of this project is the psychosocial relief and counseling services that Living Hope offers women who have experienced torture and trauma, enabling them to share their pain, find forgiveness and have hope for a new future. Today was another full but fulfilling day.

Until tomorrow.