Fifteen high school kids from Roma Mitchell Secondary College teamed up with the Kain Foundation in May to take part in the Next Steps program, a two day employment skills coaching workshop for disadvantaged youth. After some introductory sessions, the students met former pig farmer turned radio host Cosi, who told his inspiring story of building a life from nothing to something by taking advantage of every opportunity, sheer determination and hard work.

The students were then taken on a tour of the Channel 10 TV station where they met cameramen, editing and control room staff, visited the newsroom and spoke with local news guru Rebecca Morse afterwatching her record a news update. Day two started with a visit to the Adelaide Town Hall where they heard from Megan Hender about working in local council and then experienced the methodic madness of a hospitality kitchen.  Back at the office, students learnt the power behind presentation and interview etiquette from Sharron Ferrier of Persuasive Presentations and concluded the two day workshop by mock interviews with the Kain C+C team. One of our favourite pieces of feedback was this,

‘What I enjoyed the most about the two day workshop was that I was able to realise what I want to become in the future and also how to be confident, socially to people in society and also becoming a leader.’ Student, Roma Mitchell

This comment reminds us that generosity can go a long way in a short time and we thank the corporate businesses we work with that make it possible for these young people to aspire to a brighter future. Next Steps for these youth? Work experience with some of the people they met over the two days – a huge success!