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The push to stop kids from skipping school before it affects studies and job prospects

Researchers from our community partner, The Smith Family, have tracked the progress of 30,000 disadvantaged students over seven years in the first study of its kind.  It found those who were regularly absent from school in Year 7 had a less than 50 per cent chance of finishing Year 12. And Year 9 students who often skip school have only a 35 per cent chance of completing their studies. The study also confirmed that low attendance also affects future prospects, with only two-thirds…

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2017 Annual Report: One Million Reasons to Celebrate Youth Education and Employment Opportunities

We’re happy to announce the publication of our FY17 Annual Report titled “One Million Reasons to Celebrate Youth Education and Employment Opportunities“. The title of the report acknowledges a milestone we crossed at the end of FY17, one million dollars in lifetime funds raised for projects that enrich children and communication by investing in education and employment opportunities.  Andrew Killey reflects on the significance of this milestone and what’s next for Kain Foundation in his Chairman’s Report on page 5. …

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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018 #PressforProgress

Today in recognition and celebration of International Women’s Day we share this story about an inspiring group of women from the village of Mayindo, Uganda.  Those who have been on our last two Uganda immersion trips will fondly remember dancing and cooking with these women.  Their story and many more from our Kain Foundation community are featured in the FY17 Annual Report that we’ll publish next week. Back in 2007, Tony Wanyoike of Hopeline Organization brought together a group of…

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‘Freely giving to those in need, regardless of race, religion, location or gender’

By Deborah Parish I have always loved sewing and especially loved making children’s clothes for my daughter and for my friends’ children. Through a web search one day, I became aware that it was possible to make clothes for children who in all likelihood will never have access to one new, well made, clean piece of clothing in their life time and thus I began the little sewing group that became “Craft and Hope”. We have now evolved into a large…

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Career road less travelled

How did you get to where you are today? That is the question that fifteen young people asked our guest speakers at a two day Work Inspirations workshop run in March by Corporate Partner Kain Lawyers. Each speaker shared their love story with sport and how this had taken them into unexpected careers like fitness, journalism, law and psychology. The message of the two days was resounding ‘when you come to a fork in the career road, take either – there are…

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Q&A w/ Jane Prior 100 Days On

Life is busy and it’s easy to forget those life-changing moments. Those moments when your perspectiveshifts and your heart opens, just that little bit more. That’s why we touch base with our Uganda Project travellers 100 days on to find out how to savour a life changing experience. Here we speak to Jane Prior of Blue Sky Alternative Investments…. Describe your experience in Uganda? Challenging, rewarding, inspiring. The experience certainly made me appreciate how fortunate we are.  What’s the biggest challenge since being back? Trying to reconcile…

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Wooden Boxes to Humidicribs

In 1999 by following her heart, South Australian Judy Steel was inspired to help some of the poorest people on earth. In 2010, we met Judy and began working with her and the UACO (Uganda Australia Christian Outreach) team to support the building of a hospital theatre complex in Kampala, Uganda. Led by the dedicated Dr Edward Ssembatya, the hospital theatre and surgical wing  has taken over four years to complete and is now a functioning 30 bed hospital and 8…

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Taking the Next Steps

Fifteen high school kids from Roma Mitchell Secondary College teamed up with the Kain Foundation in May to take part in the Next Steps program, a two day employment skills coaching workshop for disadvantaged youth. After some introductory sessions, the students met former pig farmer turned radio host Cosi, who told his inspiring story of building a life from nothing to something by taking advantage of every opportunity, sheer determination and hard work. The students were then taken on a tour of…

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It’s Time for Africa…

In August, we are off again on the annual Uganda Project expedition. This year’s trip brings together 7 travellers from Kain C+C Lawyers, KWP! Advertising, Two Hands Wines and Blue Sky Alternative Investments who will join forces to contribute to uplifting communities in Uganda who are burdened by poverty. The team will visit, work in and donate goods  to various schools and orphanages in Kampala as well as get their hands dirty on a building project in the remote northern…

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