How did you get to where you are today? That is the question that fifteen young people asked our guest speakers at a two day Work Inspirations workshop run in March by Corporate Partner Kain Lawyers. Each speaker shared their love story with sport and how this had taken them into unexpected careers like fitness, journalism, law and psychology. The message of the two days was resounding ‘when you come to a fork in the career road, take either – there are many pathways to get you to where you want to be.’

Jesse Ey particularly wowed the kids with his tale of set backs, ambition and dedication to get to where he is today, a 22-year-old franchise owner of EFM Fitness. The young people spoke of being inspired and uplifted by the speakers and activities, all designed to guide and encourage youth to explore their career opportunities. One young person said, ‘I enjoy seeing how many people change their careers throughout their lives and are able to experience so much.’

A special thank you to our guest speakers Jessie Ey, Cosi, Ben Hook, John Cranwell of Inclusive Sports SA and Brianna Farmer and of course a thank you to Kain Lawyers who volunteered their employee time and resources to run this program alongside The Smith Family.