Q&A w/ Jane Prior 100 Days On

Life is busy and it’s easy to forget those life-changing moments. Those moments when your perspectiveshifts and your heart opens, just that little bit more. That’s why we touch base with our Uganda Project travellers 100 days on to find out how to savour a life changing experience. Here we speak to Jane Prior of Blue Sky Alternative Investments…. Describe your experience in Uganda? Challenging, rewarding, inspiring. The experience certainly made me appreciate how fortunate we are.  What’s the biggest challenge since being back? Trying to reconcile…

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The Global Volunteer

Unlocking Compassion through Experience ‘ Going on a volunteer trip like this means breaking away from your creature comforts. Everyone on this earth should do it and if you’re given the opportunity – run with it. For our agency, it was a positive move getting involved with the Foundation for this reason alone. We did a lot in fourteen days like visiting health clinics and schools to donate goods, assisting at an orphanage and building a house. I never thought…

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Q&A w/ Loewn Steel

Gen boomer, x, y, z…er..osity We can wax lyrical about the work we do but there’s nothing quite like hearing a story from someone to understand the WHY. That’s why we’ve created the ‘Experience Q&A’ section where we will get to meet awesome people from all generations to debunk the experience of generosity and why everybody should be able to feel it. First up is Loewn Steel, who we are chuffed to announce is our brand new Chair on the…

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