Life is busy and it’s easy to forget those life-changing moments. Those moments when your Experience.Jane-Prior-100-Days-Onperspectiveshifts and your heart opens, just that little bit more. That’s why we touch base with our Uganda Project travellers 100 days on to find out how to savour a life changing experience. Here we speak to Jane Prior of Blue Sky Alternative Investments….

Describe your experience in Uganda? Challenging, rewarding, inspiring. The experience certainly made me appreciate how fortunate we are. 

What’s the biggest challenge since being back? Trying to reconcile what was a life-changing experience and ensure the lessons that I learnt were not lost as I slipped back into my busy (and rather selfish) life.

What moment stands out in your memory the most? The welcome performance we received from the children at Bulesa Church of Uganda Primary School. The school buildings were barely standing, no windows, dirt floors and multiple students crammed onto a single desk. The students song, dance and smiles brought tears to our eyes.

What’s one thing you learnt and brought back with you? Although I have been fortunate to travel quite extensively, my experience in Uganda was different. We were welcomed into people’s homes, people who have very little and who face enormous challenges. I certainly learnt to be more grateful for what I have and the experience really put into perspective the seemingly minor dramas in my daily life. The adage ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ comes to mind.

What’s one thing you learnt from others on your project team? I was lucky to share my Ugandan experience with a great group of like-minded people. Strangers on day 1 but certainly not by the end of the project. We were a pretty mean team. Great examples of compassionate people who are generous with their time. 

What did you learn about yourself or what surprised you that you thought you knew? I guess I had underestimated what an impact my time in Uganda would have on me. I’m definitely more mindful these days of what I can do to help those in our society who are less privileged.