Researchers from our community partner, The Smith Family, have tracked the progress of 30,000 disadvantaged students over seven years in the first study of its kind.  It found those who were regularly absent from school in Year 7 had a less than 50 per cent chance of finishing Year 12. And Year 9 students who often skip school have only a 35 per cent chance of completing their studies. The study also confirmed that low attendance also affects future prospects, with only two-thirds of kids who regularly skip school going onto work or study.

On the upside, the study revealed that measures such as academic tutoring, vocational mentoring and peer support lifts attendance and dramatically increases Year 12 graduation. The Smith Family’s report: Attendance lifts achievement: Building the evidence base to improve student outcomes is now available on their website.  They’ve had some good media coverage about this report from ABC news.

The Kain Foundation runs programs to improve outcomes for youth education and employment in collaboration with our corporate partners and community partners including The Smith Family and Youth Opportunities.