For our last ‘work day’ we rode bikes through Gulu village. Patrick, an entrepreneurial young man with a micro tourism business, hires out the bikes of locals. What an assortment of rickety two wheelers they were. Lachie’s had next to no brakes and mine was missing a pedal!

We toured around and were met with amusement as the locals didn’t think muzungas knew how to ride bikes!

We rode to Watoto’s Living Hope Centre which rehabilitates woman displaced by war or those abused or abandoned. The centre supports, educates and gives hope to vulnerable women. We heard a touching recount of one woman’s journey from being a child soldier and her transformation to a leader and supporter of other women at Living Hope.

After lunch in downtown Gulu where Gerry scoffed a burger which looked more at home at Nordburger than Africa we visited Baby Watoto and enjoyed a whole lot of cuddles and playtime with the orphan babies. The kids all cried when they looked at Lachie but Andrea was in her element. There is a real chance Halpin will lose her to the coveted role of Watoto ‘nanny’.

With the hard work now behind us it is time for some R&R at Paara Safari Lodge. The 2016 team has shared an amazing experience in Uganda and nothing shows this more than the fact that we can now openly sledge one another. The team have branded my amusing comments ‘Jo-Mos’. They have asked me to list the greatest Jo-mo (I am doing this under duress): When standing right in front of the chef at a buffet I yelled, ‘Don’t eat the salad!’.

It is goodbye for a couple of days while we rest up. Weebale (thank you) for reading and see you all soon.

Written by Jodie, Kain Lawyers