From our short time here so far in Uganda, it’s becoming clear that the greatest impact can be had through initiatives which partner local communities with local organisations to drive sustainable change.
Today we were lucky enough to see first hand the change that can happen within a community when that community, with help from partners, takes ownership of its future to ensure that it makes that positive change.
Our day started with a drive out to Kkoba, around 3 hours from Kampala.
Kkoba is a small community of around 500 families in rural Uganda. Our guide for the day, Tony (who was born in Kkoba) has been spending his time to drive economic and social change through his organisation, Hopeline, and with support from The Real Uganda (thanks Leslie!) and the Kain Foundation.
Kkoba was (and is) in desperate need of a new school. Rather than seek donations to build a school, Tony developed a business plan which, through limited initial funding, would enable the community to start running a profitable agricultural business to not only fund the school, but to help fund the community’s broader needs long term.
Listening to Tony, his task has not only been to drive economic change in the community, but also drive social change by making sure that everyone in the community (particularly the men) take responsibility for their community and families and play their part. Where’s that led? The new school is in the middle of being built and will be ready for 2018!
We were again spoiled with welcome singing and dancing from the local primary school children. The team had a great timing reading to the kids, playing soccer (I still can’t call it football), puzzles and skipping rope. The local teacher, Livingston, and the rest of community made us feel very welcome.
After a walking tour of Kkoba – which has the lushest greenery that we have seen so far – we finished off the day with a meal at Tony’s house with his family where we had some great Ugandan food and heard about Tony’s journey to get where he is today.
Personally, seeing someone who is so passionate to make positive social and economic change for the long term (and with only some initial ‘kickstart’ funding!) was inspiring.
Looking forward to heading back to Kkoba tomorrow to do some hard labour and help out with the new school!
Michael Garry
Kain Lawyers