This blog post for #KFUgandaTrip2017 was the hardest for me to write as it marks the end of an amazing journey.  We’ve heard back from many of you – alumni of previous trips, friends, families and supporters about how much you’ve enjoyed our posts from the field.  Thank you for this positive feedback.  It was important to us to capture each day’s experience in order to preserve the memories and to help us process our emotions coming from each day’s activities.  I…

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The Uganda Project 2017 – Day 7

As the 2017 Uganda trip draws to a close, it is only appropriate that we returned to one of the original projects the Kain Foundation supported in Uganda.  It is Sunday and that means (at least) two things in Kampala: a plethora of people in their Sunday best attend church services and the traffic is ‘as good as it gets’ (it’s possible the two are interrelated).  For our group, it means a trip to Watoto in Suubi and a cultural…

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The Uganda Project 2017 – Day 6

The past week in Uganda has really put things in perspective for me. It is easy to take the simple things in life for granted and it is only once you are on-the-ground in a country like Uganda that you realise just how lucky we have it. In Uganda we have seen firsthand the challenges that families face to be able to put food on the table, access a clean source of water and provide their children with the education…

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The Uganda Project 2017 – Day 5

Today was our second visit to Kkoba village for the Kkoba Community Projects that Kain Foundation sponsors through partnership with Hopeline Organisation and The Real Uganda. We started the day of with some of the team having the traditional Rolex (chapatti wrap with egg omelette inside) for breakfast, we then boarded the bus and headed to Kkoba this trip is only about 45 minutes but takes about two and half hours to get there. Along the way we picked up…

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The Uganda Project 2017 – Day 4

From our short time here so far in Uganda, it’s becoming clear that the greatest impact can be had through initiatives which partner local communities with local organisations to drive sustainable change. Today we were lucky enough to see first hand the change that can happen within a community when that community, with help from partners, takes ownership of its future to ensure that it makes that positive change. Our day started with a drive out to Kkoba, around 3…

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The Uganda Project 2017 – Day 3

As the first guest blogger for the trip I need to give a huge thanks to Lisa, Remmy, Angel, Mathias and the Kain Foundation for organising what has already been a trip of a lifetime. With less than half of the time passed, I can only imagine what’s to come! A change in perspective was one of the few expectations I had as I boarded the flight a few days ago, and three full touring days in, we have this…

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The Uganda Project 2017 – Day 2

We had a few challenges with wifi/internet access, so posting this blog a day late – we should catch-up over next few days. It was a great start to Tuesday with a yummy omelette breakfast (and 5 donuts for Scott) and then finally getting to meet the man we’d heard so much about.  Remmy is a Sr. Driver with Adventure Expeditions, and lives up to his great reputation set by past trippers of an engaging, informative, and amusing guide.  A real insight into…

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The Uganda Project 2017 – Day 1

Today’s post will be a bit shorter – as it’s already technically Day 2 and time to get some shut eye. Several of our team got up early this morning for a run in the street of Kampala – what a great way to kick the jet lag and get to know the city.  After a yummy brekkie complete with samosas and spring rolls, we set off to Bulesa, a primary school on the outskirts of Kampala, and one that Kain Foundation…

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The Uganda Project 2017 – Day 0

Welcome to our blog for the 2017 Uganda trip.  We’ll aim to post updates most days of our trip written from the perspective of each of the trip participants.  This is Lisa (Kain Foundation Commercial Manager) writing for Day 0 as I arrived Saturday afternoon.  The rest of our team is: Nick, Michael, Madelaine, Scott, Sharon and Evan representing Blue Sky Alternative Investments, Kain Lawyers, Halpin Financial Services, and Salisbury High School. I departed  a wet and cold Adelaide on Friday…

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