The Uganda Project – Day 3

Day 3 Video Diary Zdravka Stepic-Clark, Blue Sky Alternative Investments Our first of two visits to Bulesa Primary School. This is a school without electricity, without running water and until Kain Foundation started working with them, students would starve through the day. Tomorrow, 800kg of porridge (approx $350) will be delivered. This will feed all 360 students lunch for one term. This is an ongoing support project with plans to develop sustainable food security for the entire community in the…

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The Uganda Project – Day Two

Day 2 video diary Ben Corbett, LeetGeek Today, we visited Landcare, a project Kain Foundation is looking to work with. Started in Australia, Landcare provides sustainable food security to communities around the world. The Ugandan Landcare team is working with communities in Uganda to achieve food security and in some cases, an income stream from produce. Watch Ben’s video diary to find out more. Click here to find out how you or your employer can get involved and challenge traditional ways of…

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The Uganda Project 2015

The Uganda Project – Day One

Day 1 video diary Tom Williamson, KWP! Advertising We’ve arrived in Uganda! After an epic flight from Adelaide (and Ben from London), we spent Sunday afternoon settling into our guesthouse before being thrown in the deep end on Monday. Tom’s video diary is the first cab off the rank; find out what he got up to and how it’s influenced his perspective so far. Click here to find out how you or your employer can get involved and challenge traditional…

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The Uganda Project Team Departs

In 2 days, the Uganda Project team set sail (thanks to Emirates) across the seas to Uganda. The 14 day adventure includes english workshops for rural communities, sporting activities with Ugandan youth and building a dormitory for orphans in the rural village of Gulu. The trip will also include a sneak peek into the future of the Uganda Project, supporting agriculture and education initiatives in rural Uganda. Don’t miss out on being a part of this adventure, follow the team’s blog here 2015 Uganda…

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10 years: What is success?

This year we celebrate 10 years since the Kain C+C Charitable Foundation began! Our journey from humble beginnings bringing together Kain C+C team members  to volunteer their time at the local soup kitchen to the very first Uganda Project trip in 2009, to 2011 joining The Smith Family on mentoring programs, to 2014 when the Foundation successfully completed its fifth Uganda Project trip and built its first house in Davoren Park SA with Habitat for Humanity. Have we been successful? Always a…

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The Last Ten

This week, an intimate gathering of our Corporate Partners and Alumni came together for a night to celebrate 10 years of the Kain Foundation! Over ten years we’ve been able to build housing for orphans, support youth in career mentoring, provide legal services to the homeless and assist low income families to have a home but not without the steadfast support of our dedicated business and community partners. The evening included an introduction of the Foundation’s new strategy ‘ to provide opportunities for children and youth…

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‘Freely giving to those in need, regardless of race, religion, location or gender’

By Deborah Parish I have always loved sewing and especially loved making children’s clothes for my daughter and for my friends’ children. Through a web search one day, I became aware that it was possible to make clothes for children who in all likelihood will never have access to one new, well made, clean piece of clothing in their life time and thus I began the little sewing group that became “Craft and Hope”. We have now evolved into a large…

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Career road less travelled

How did you get to where you are today? That is the question that fifteen young people asked our guest speakers at a two day Work Inspirations workshop run in March by Corporate Partner Kain Lawyers. Each speaker shared their love story with sport and how this had taken them into unexpected careers like fitness, journalism, law and psychology. The message of the two days was resounding ‘when you come to a fork in the career road, take either – there are…

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Q&A w/ Jane Prior 100 Days On

Life is busy and it’s easy to forget those life-changing moments. Those moments when your perspectiveshifts and your heart opens, just that little bit more. That’s why we touch base with our Uganda Project travellers 100 days on to find out how to savour a life changing experience. Here we speak to Jane Prior of Blue Sky Alternative Investments…. Describe your experience in Uganda? Challenging, rewarding, inspiring. The experience certainly made me appreciate how fortunate we are.  What’s the biggest challenge since being back? Trying to reconcile…

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